Entre deux Mondes

Klaudia Tandl, mezzo-soprano 
Gisela Jöbstl, piano

"The song cycle Plupart du temps by the French composer Betsy Jolas has fascinated us since first discovering it. Her music and Pierre Reverdy's surrealistic imagery are like a playground for possible interpretations. We were truly drawn into this world where there is so much room for different perspectives. Out of this playfulness emerged a versatile programme that emphasizes the apparent incomprehensible, inconceivable and improbable - seemingly out of this world. For us, that is the wonder of these works - they draw you into different spheres. Sometimes seriously confronting - sometimes playfully light - sometimes sensually seductive. Entre deux mondes (Between two worlds) - taken from the first song of the cycle Plupart du temps - seems to us the ideal title to unite this abundance of facets." Klaudia Tandl & Gisela Jöbstl

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Schubert´s Women

Klaudia Tandl, mezzo-soprano         
Gabriele Jacoby, recitation
Niall Kinsella, piano

Rising star Austrian mezzo-soprano Klaudia Tandl, acting legend Gabriele Jacoby, and Niall Kinsella are delighted to present Schubert’s Women: an insightful exploration of the female character as understood by Schubert. The programme presents some of his finest songs, plus “scenas” which showcase shades of longing, innocence, humour, wit, seduction, and utter desolation, plus Schubert’s ‘tour-de-force’ lieder for Mignon and Gretchen.

Niall writes:  "Klaudia, Gabriele and I worked together on the lieder master-course at Franz-Schubert-Institut, Baden-bei-Wien in summer 2017. Klaudia and I instantly established a strong rapport, both personally and artistically, and our music-making became effortless and so enjoyable. Bringing the marvellous, talented actress Gabriele Jacoby into this project seemed to complete it perfectly. Ms. Jacoby was our poetry coach during the lieder master-course at Franz-Schubert-Institut, and her natural sense of musicality, phrasing, rhythm, and intonation combine to make her recitations of these poems truly captivating, and cause one to hear the songs in a completely different way." 

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"...the programme builds with plenty of emotional momentum thanks to brilliant sequencing and singular performances by the Austrian mezzo-soprano Klaudia Tandl (a marvellous word centric singer) and the imaginative, resourceful pianist Gisela Jöbstl."

"Tempos are on the slow side, which doesn’t translate into weightier treatment of the text but more entry points for the listener – aided by a depth of colour in Tandl’s voice..."

"... Tandl’s beautifully focused voice..."

"... Tandl’s expressive English diction in Rebecca Clarke’s ‘The Seal Man’..."

" In fact, the contrasting worlds explored in these songs are revealed with no value judgements from the performers, which makes the album a consistently absorbing whole."
                    - David Patrick Stearns, Gramophone

"Sie singt mit klarer, sehr wortdeutlicher Stimme und kann Emotion vermitteln, ohne der Stimme Gewalt oder Vibrato anzutun. Ihre Stimmgebung nähert sich Kurt Weills Wunsch, die Ausbildung in der Stimme überhörbar zu machen.

Kluge Dramaturgie mit feiner Interpretation – diese Aufnahme ist eine Empfehlung!"
                                             - Irene Suchy, Ö1 Radio

Reviews "Schubert´s Women"

"This recital offers an appealing selection of largely well-known Schubert settings, with added interest given by interleaving the groups of songs with poems Schubert set – heard in thrilling, animated readings by Austrian actor Gabriele Jacoby. This attractive idea both recalls the musical- declamatory evenings of Schubert’s day, as well as more recent series’ such as Graham Johnson’s Songmaker’s Almanac. [...] Mezzo Klaudia Tandl has a beautiful, rich sound and an elegant, untroubled delivery; Kinsella is a meticulous collaborator […] this is polished music-making of fine repertoire"
          ​— Natasha Loges, BBC Music Magazine (UK)

"This is an original program, attractively performed on a solid artistic level.  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★"
          ​— Remy Franck, Pizzicato (Luxembourg)

"Schubert's Women
is at once a self-contained offering and also an invitation to seek out more, to explore the relationship of text and music, or to seek illumination on the aspects of the feminine in Romantic poetry and song. And while the excellence of this performances makes the disc self-recommendable, it is this exploratory spirit that marks it as truly special."
          ​— Colin Clarke, Classical Explorer (UK)

"Tandl and Kinsella's perspective is so fresh and fruitful;I'm looking forward to hearing more of Schubert's women-focused songs from them - including the 12 songs he set to texts by women poets."
          ​— Pamela Margles, The Whole Note (Canada)

Selected as "CD of the Week"
          ​— John Toal, Classical Connections, BBC Radio Ulster (Northern Ireland)

" ★ ★ ★ ★ ★   The success of this disc’s concept, held within impeccable performances, truly impresses."
          ​— Fanfare Magazine (USA)